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Hospital One

Integration with SAP Business One


Comprehensive Architecture

Hospital One Comprehensive Architecture
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Hospitalization services

  • Complete patient management from admission to check out.
  • Powerfull billing engine to define complex insurance company coverage models and services packages.
  • Local and outsourced services management.
  • Resource management like the operating theatres.
  • Admission documents management.

Outpatient services

  • Appointments.
  • Human and facilities capacity planning. Medical staff roster management.
  • Optional pharmacy system link.
  • Unified outpatient consultancy medical record, hospital services

Electronic medical record eHR

  • Anamnesis.
    Outpatient, inpatient and mobile hospital unit integration.
  • International health care guidelines compliance.
  • Multiple medical records profiles aloud the user to define medical records according institution specific needs or line of business.

Social Programs

  • Integrated public services management.
  • For government public healthcare services and private found managed programs.
  • Workflow engine for Institution custom tailored scenario setup.
  • Mobile devices enabled in order to aloud on the field mobile data acquisition.

Hospital One healthcare oriented Technology

  • Survey management tool, to edit them in order met customer specific needs.
  • Dynamic Localization. Design to met any country local public healthcare guidelines and requirements.
  • Ready to define custom made workflows.
  • Metadata allows custom user fields.

Hospital One Technology

  • SAP Business One real time Integration.
  • HANA compatible, strongly recommended for high volume data requirements in health care industry.
  • Web Touch Front End designed for iPhone, iPad, Android tables and phones, and new generation touch thin clients.
  • Multi language support.
  • Optional POS compatibility ( Customer can use Hospital One with or without a POS).



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